13 Aug 2019

Full Stack Developer

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i. The opportunity

We are looking for a seasoned Full Stack Developer, who will be assigned to one of our client’s new product development team to play a key part in bringing these products to life by delivering performant code. Working in an Agile (SAFE) development environment and embracing the concepts of Lean Product Design, you will be initially building code to validate product market fit hypothesis for our Product Design team and then helping build cutting edge products with multiple product releases per day.

The successful candidate should have a proven track record and have a passion for working in a Start-up environment and everything this entails: a fast-paced development environment involving prototyping and rapidly pivoting when experimentation pushes the product in a specific direction; an Agile software development methodology; modern development tools (including DevOps). Key competencies include the following skill set:

• Extensive experience working in an Agile development environment.
• Experience using one or more of the full-stack development frameworks (e.g., Node.js, Spring, Rails, etc.)
• Expert in using one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C/C++, C#, Objective C, or JavaScript.
o JavaScript experience is a must.
o Prior experience with React is plus.
• Experience with at least one of public clouds including AWS, Azure, and/or GCE is required.
• Ability to convince other Team members when necessary to help swarm tasks to ensure highest priority items are completed first in the current Sprint.

ii. Responsibilities:

Specifically, the Full Stack Developer will focus on these critical areas:
• Initially, work with the Functional Designer and Lead Engineer to build mock-ups and working prototypes to support Design thinking product development. Answering the “what is possible?” question from the Product Teams and leveraging existing building blocks wherever possible.
• Contribute to planning Sprints by helping break down Stories into Tasks/Activities.
• Design, code, unit test and integrate new features and functionality during current Sprints in accordance with Acceptance Criteria defined by the Product Owner and team.
• Perform various technical investigative tasks called “Spikes” in order to mitigate technical uncertainty and risk
• Assist in the development of automated test harnesses as necessary to ensure delivery of high-quality code
• Apply disciplined coding practices to enable agility and delivery of high-quality code.
• Update progress daily through the tracking tool (ex. Jira) or Kanban/Agile board.
• Assist the Lead Engineer and the Product Owner to refine and prioritize the Product Backlog including providing initial estimates.

iii. Requirement to qualify:

• A university degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
• Experience building resilient, scalable services
• Experience with development on a leading cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCE…)
• A commitment and drive for quality, excellence and results
• A demonstrated track record in working in an Agile development environment
• A passion for helping growing development teams and making others better
• Passionate and energetic about what you do
• Self-motivated and resourceful
• Approach technical challenges with an open mind and desire to innovate
• Appreciate great design and thrive in a creative environment
• Have strong communicative skills
• Are flexible and adaptable to both organizational and project-level changes
• Can operate under tight deadlines
• Like to build software as part of a team.

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