ATS is dedicated to providing our clients/customers with quality resources and excellent customer service. In order to show our commitment, we have implemented ‘The ATS Pledge’.

This pledge lays out our promise of what we will strive to accomplish on every staffing mandate we receive, and also asks for a basic level of commitment from our clients in order to ensure the delivery of the best result possible.

What you can expect from ATS…

  • An experienced single point of contact Account Manager will be assigned to your company and will work closely with your HR Department or Department Heads to gather the appropriate information required for the candidate search.
  • A realistic expectation will be set regarding the outcome of the search.
  • Same day response to all calls or email correspondence.
  • A commitment to providing suitable candidates to clients on all search mandates within 48 hours of receiving a ‘job order’ or, at minimum, giving our clients an update on our progress, discussing any constraints we are discovering or providing recommendations that may help the overall result.
  • Interview scheduling and coordination to meet client needs.
  • ATS facilities available for confidential interviews.
  • ATS WILL NOT withhold funds from contract resources until paid by the client.  Contractor invoices (along with approved time sheets) are processed immediately upon receipt.  Clients should not have to worry about contractors leaving or being disgruntled as a result of a poor relationship with their staffing firm or being not being paid in timely manner.
  • Provision of full-time, contract, contract-to-hire, and pay-rolling services.
  • Thoroughly qualified candidates that match the job description provided by the client.
  • Screened, interviewed and tested (if requested by the client) candidates.
  • References checked (if requested by client) upon consideration of offer.
  • Understanding of your business, corporate culture and environment by taking the time to meet with our clients onsite.
  • First day follow-up call with client and candidate to ensure all is well.
  • On-going and regular follow-ups with the client and candidate to ensure the quality of the placement.
  • Provision of annual, easy to fill, ‘Customer Satisfaction Surveys’ to gauge ATS’s overall quality and allow the client to recommend areas of improvement.  ATS is committed to continuous quality improvement.

What ATS asks from its clients in order to ensure the success of our ‘Pledge’…

  • Provision of a complete a thorough job description and any other appropriate information regarding salary, bonuses, management style, must-have skills and nice-to-have skills, etc.
  • Timely signing of client agreement protecting both parties.
  • Competitive salaries.
  • 48 hour response/feedback regarding the candidacy of any submitted resume by ATS.
  • Timely scheduling of interviews in order to maximize the availability of the candidate.
  • Same day feedback on any interviewed candidates noting, at least, the interest level in the candidate.
  • Inform ATS of all sources being used in a candidate search.
  • Allocating representation of any candidate on the basis of what source contacted the candidate first.  ATS divulges the name of the client in all circumstances with the exception of the client specifically requesting a confidential search.
  • Commitment to expedient sign-off on offers of employment.