Today’s highly competitive and constantly changing business environment demands that your organization realizes the maximum benefits from your people, and from information technology, in order to achieve improved corporate performance.

At ATS, we are dedicated to bringing these benefits to you through the placement of highly trained technical and management professionals within your company. These individuals are skilled and up-to-date in current technology and project management trends, methodologies and techniques; and they are prepared to make your teams a success by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

ATS is also proud to be associated with several world-class affiliates. These well-established firms offer a full spectrum of customized services including software solutions development, outsourcing, ERP solutions and off-shore development. These organizations can handle development projects of all sizes at highly competitive rates or at a fixed price. This can help eliminate your company’s information technology burden while allowing your resources to be deployed more efficiently in other areas of the organization.

ATS is also partnered with various staffing firms across Canada to ensure even more coverage when dealing with recruitment mandates on a ‘National’ scale.

The success of our organization stems from our understanding of each of our clients. Our mandate is to provide personalized business solutions that will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.



ATS provides its corporate clients with a commitment to employing account executives who are fully trained and have an intimate understanding of your industry. This allows us to quickly provide the services you need through an immediate comprehension of your business challenges.


We are continually looking to hire the best, most professional resources to work on ATS’s recruiting and sales team. Only those who have demonstrated the professionalism, technical expertise, and a sincere desire to make their clients successful are employed by our firm.


ATS advertises on an ongoing basis while looking for the ideal addition to your project, development or support needs. We attract and retain qualified professionals who enjoy ATS’s personal approach and business advantages. Candidates are interviewed and reference-checked, and only suitable individuals are presented to your company. Our ISO 9001 registration is testimony to the high quality standards we adhere to.


We continue to evolve in order to stay ahead of the market with respect to the latest recruitment trends and techniques.  We have applied our technology, industry and process skills in order to put state-of-the-art information management tools and effective business processes in the hands of our recruiting and sales staff. This means that we will find excellent candidates when the need arises, and we will find them quickly.


Quality, service and excellence are key components of ATS’s culture. We are committed to providing our clients with accurate, timely and reliable solutions to their staffing requirements. Building long-term relationships has always been the key to our success.


By utilizing our knowledge of the industry, technology, and your company, we continually search for new ways to provide value-added services at competitive rates. Contract and full-time resourcing and managed services are just a portion of the services provided. We strongly encourage knowledge transfer while our consultants are located on site. Technological insights, operational considerations, and procedural recommendations are all potential areas where our consultants are encouraged to share their industry expertise with your staff.