Job: Senior Full Stack Developer

Title Senior Full Stack Developer
Categories Contract, IT
Salary Hourly rate
Start Date 2018-10-15
End Date 2019-04-08
Location Toronto, downtown
Job Information

i. Mandate Description

You will be assigned to new product development teams, working in an Agile (SAFE) development environment with a Lean Product Design team, building code to validate product market fit for Product Design team and then helping build products with multiple releases per day.

A fast-paced development environment involving prototyping and rapidly pivoting when experimentation pushes the product in a specific direction; an Agile software development methodology; modern development tools (including DevOps).

2. Key competencies include:
• Extensive experience working in an Agile development environment.
• Experience using one or more of the full-stack development frameworks (e.g., Node.js, Spring, etc.)
• Expert in using one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: JavaScript and Java.

3. Responsibilities:
• Initially, work with the Functional Designer and Lead Engineer to build mock-ups and working prototypes to support Design thinking product development. Provide input to the Product Teams and leveraging existing building blocks wherever possible.
• Contribute to planning Sprints by helping break down Stories into Tasks/Activities.
• Design, code, unit test and integrate new features and functionality during current Sprints in accordance with Acceptance Criteria defined by the Product Owner and team.
• Mitigate technical uncertainty and risk
• Assist in the development of automated test harnesses as necessary to ensure delivery of high quality code
• Apply disciplined coding practices to enable agility and delivery of high quality code
• Update progress daily through the tracking tool (ex. Jira) or Kanban/Agile board.Assist the Lead Engineer and the Product Owner to refine and prioritize the Product Backlog including providing initial estimates.

4. Requirement/Skills:
• A university degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
• Experience building resilient, scalable services
• Experience with development on a leading cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCE…)
• A commitment and drive for quality, excellence and results
• A demonstrated track record in working in an Agile development environment
• Team player
• Self-motivated and resourceful
• Strong communicative skills
• Adaptable to both organizational and project-level changes
• Can operate under tight deadlines

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